Undergraduate Instructional Physics Laboratories:

General Physics Labs (205/206)

MAKE-UP LABS: Experiments are sometimes set up only for one week (in the summer, only for two days). If you miss, or you know that you will miss a lab for adequate cause, it is your responsibility to try to attend another scheduled lab, Monday through Thursday (no Friday labs). Contact both your instructor and the TA of the make-up section to obtain approval. Be prepared to provide documentation to excuse your absence, meaning that a physician's or Dean's note may be requested. Consult the Course/Section listing for one that you can attend. Make sure the lab offers the experiment you need. The make-up instructor MUST sign your pre-lab and report forms. Then take them to your regular lab and hand them in to your lab instructor. You are normally permitted only one make-up lab per semester. Note that your regular instructor may still hold you responsible for any missed quizzes.