Undergraduate Instructional Physics Laboratories: 

General Physics Labs (205/206)


Since 2002, lab manuals have been available online for viewing, downloading and printing online, at no charge. There is no paper version of the manuals; if you wish a hardcopy you will have to print one yourself, at your expense, from your computer's web browser. 

Final Grades are assigned by your section instructor and are based on your performance relative to others in your section. THERE IS NO COURSE-WIDE GRADING CURVE. They are calculated from your performance in Lab Reports and Quizzes, according to the following weights:

Lab Reports ---------------------60%
Quizzes (administered on paper)--40%

**Note that a final numerical grade of 90% or above does not necessarily equate to a final letter grade of A**

Lab Reports (10, none dropped) are completed on Hand-in Sheets and are submitted at the end of every lab period. Quizzes (6, lowest one dropped) are administered on paper at the start of the lab period at certain weeks.

Scheduling questions must be taken to the Undergraduate Office at klam@physics.rutgers.edu, and not to a lab instructor. During the first lab session make sure that your name is on the instructor's lab roster. If it isnít, check with the Registrar and have it fixed.

Make sure you write down your instructor's name and email address. If you have lost it, you may be able to find it here .

CONTACT THE LAB ADMINISTRATOR IF YOU HAVE FURTHER QUESTIONS. Make sure you include your full name, course and section number in your email.