Physics 361 Grading

Your grade will be based on four components:

The online gradebook can be accessed here. You need your Rutgers NetID and password to login.

There will be weekly homework assignments, due on Mondays at the start of the lecture. The main course home page includes a link that provides detailed information about homework assignments and solutions.

In-class quizzes will occasionally be given. These will be announced in advance.

There will be no makeup quizzes, nor will I accept any late homework. I will drop two of your lowest quiz and homework grades, so mathematically your grade will not suffer if you keep the missed quizzes and homeworks to under two. However, if you miss a homework or a quiz you are still responsible for the material. Finally, please DO NOT email me scanned homework.

There will be a midterm exam and a final exam, scheduled as follows:

Solutions to each exam will be posted on the Exams page after the exam has been given.

The exams will be closed book, but you may bring one (for midterm exam) or two (for final exam) 8.5" x 11" sheet(s) of paper with formulas and notes to consult during the exam. (You may write on both sides of cheat sheet). Of course you should also bring a couple of pencils and a scientific calculator.