Physics 351    Thermal Physics    Spring 2017

Weida Wu
Office:         Serin Physics Building West 117W
Email:          wdwu AT
Telephone:    848-445-8751 (office)

Office hour Wednesday afternoon and by appointment only
Lectures Location: SEC-117
Wednesday 10:20-11:40 AM
Friday 3:20-4:40 PM
Grader Konrad Genser   <>

Textbook (required)
textbook TITLE: Introduction to Thermal Physics
by Daniel V. Schroeder
ISBN: 0201-38027-7
ISBN 13: 978-0201-38027-9
Publisher: Addison-Wesley
Publish Date: 1999-08-28
Binding: Hardcover , 422 pages

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Syllabus (lecture notes homeworks and exams) updated

Homework    due every Wednesday 4 PM in grader's mailbox (unless announced otherwise).

Grading    Based on two midterm exams (25 % each), final exam (30 %), and homework (20 %).
Exam format: Open book but NO homework solutions or PRINTED lecture notes. Handwritten cheat-sheets are allowed.
Homework and exam grades are available on gradebook.

Grade cutoffs (tentative)

Exam format: Open book, but NEITHER homework solutions NOR PRINTED lecture notes are allowed. ONLY handwritten cheat-sheets are allowed. 

Announcement   updated
[Jan. 20, 2017]  Lecture2 is posted.
[Jan. 18, 2017]  Lecture1 is posted.
[Jan. 12, 2017]  First lecture is on Wednesday, Jan. 18.
[Jan. 3, 2017]  Welcome to Physics 351, website is up.

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