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Physics 326:    Computer Based Experimentation and Physics Computing
Fall 2014


[12/16/2014]     Graded reports of Lab 8 will be available (16th and 17th) outside of my office (Serin 117W) for pick-up.
[12/15/2014]     All grades are uploaded to gradebook. Please contact your session instructor for errors by Wednesday. Final grades will be submitted on Wednesday 12/17/2014.  Grade cutoffs are revised. 

[11/11/2014]     Lecture 8 (ppt, pdf) is posted. Quiz 4 and 5 are available in my office.
[10/29/2014]     Lecture 7 (ppt, pdf) is posted.  NO lecture on 11/05/2014.
[10/15/2014]     Lecture 6 (ppt, pdf) is posted.
[10/08/2014]     Lecture 5 (ppt, pdf) is posted.
[10/01/2014]     Lecture 4 (ppt, pdf) is posted.
[09/24/2014]     Lecture 3b (ppt, pdf) is posted.
[09/23/2014]     A typo in Lab manual (Lab3a) is corrected.
[09/17/2014]     Lecture 3a (ppt, pdf) is posted.
[09/10/2014]     Lecture 2 (ppt, pdf) is posted.
[09/03/2014]     Lecture 1 (ppt, pdf) is posted.
[08/31/2014]     First lab of section 4 is on Sept. 4.
[08/12/2014]     Classes will start on Wednesday, Sep. 2. First lecture is on Sept. 3.
Here are some features of the Fall 2014 academic calendar.  

Grade cutoffs (Final)updated
50 <50

Course Syllabus

Guidelines for Lab Reports      (An example of lab report is available)

Gradebook to view the grades of your lab report.

Lab 1 - Propagation of Error

Lab 2 - Wavelength of Light

Lab 3 - Distribution Functions  (2 week lab: Write-up for week 1; Write-up for week 2)

Lab 4 - Least Square Fitting

Lab 5 - Damped Harmonic Motion

Lab 6 - Forced Harmonic Motion  (2 week lab) 

Lab 7 - Fourier Analysis, (2 week lab) 
Chap 2 of SR760 Manual,
    Agilent 33210A manual,
    TDS 2012C manual.

Lab 8 - Onset of Chaos (2 week lab) (PRL 47, 1349)

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