Physics 273

Honors Physics III: Modern Physics, Fall 2017

Welcome to Physics 273!

01:750:273 Honors Physics III is a 3-credit course that completes the Honors Physics sequence. It covers the topics of Modern Physics, i.e. the physics that was developed in the 20th and 21st centuries. We will cover relativity, the wave and particle nature of matter, atomic, nuclear, paticle physics, and cosmology. The main course home page includes a link to the complete syllabus, indicating the topics to be covered in each lecture and the sections in the textbook that should be read in advance of each lecture.

As the course progresses, we will be posting important information to this page. Our first lecture will be held on Wednesday, September 6th. Before you come to class, please prepare the following things:

Look forward to seeing you soon.

Professor Chou

Lecturer: Prof. John Paul Chou

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