Physics 272: Honors Physics II
Spring 2018

Tentative syllabus: will be updated as the semester progresses

Week       Dates             Lecture Topics and Reading in Purcell 3rd ed     
    1           Jan 17           Introduction: Coulomb's law, superposition, symmetry, energy of a system of charges (Chapter 1)
                                      Recitation/office hours: Math review (vector addition, simple line integrals, simple surface integrals), example problems
    2           Jan 22           Electric field, electric flux, Gauss's law (Chapter 1)
                 Jan 24           Energy in the field, electric potential, gradient, more on Gauss' law, divergence (Chapter 2)
                                      Recitation/office hours: Math review (flux, gradient, divergence), example problems
    3           Jan 29           Poisson and Laplace equations, curl, uniqueness theorems, introduction to conductors (Chapter 2, Chapter 3)
                 Jan 31           Fields and potentials around conductors, capacitance (Chapter 3)
                                      Recitation/office hours: Math review (differential equations, curl), example problems
    4           Feb 5            more on capacitance (Chapter 3)
                 Feb 7            current, continuity equation (Chapter 4)
    5           Feb 12          resistance, Ohm's law (Chapter 4)
                 Feb 13          EMF, circuits (Chapter 4)
                                      Recitation: exam review
    6           Feb 19          REALLY TENTATIVE: EXACT DATE TO BE DETERMINED optional exam review during class time, evening exam (Chapters 1-3)
                 Feb 21          Kirchhoff's rules (Chapter 4)
    7           Feb 26          Variable currents, RC circuits (Chapter 4)
                 Feb 28          Magnetic force, magnetic field, Ampere's law (Chapter 6)
    8           Mar 5            Special relativity I: spacetime (Appendix A)
                 Mar 7            Special relativity II: forces and fields (Chapter 5)
    9           Mar 12          Spring Break - No Class
                 Mar 14          Spring Break - No Class
   10          Mar 19          Ampere's Law revisited, Vector potential, Biot-Savart Law (Chapter 6)
                 Mar 21          Faraday's Law, Lenz's law (Chapter 7)
   11          Mar 26          Mutual and self inductance, Magnetic field energy (Chapter 7)
                 Mar 28          RL circuits, undriven RLC circuits, phasor representation (Chapter 7)                               
   12          Apr 2            Driven AC circuits, phasors, impedance, power and energy (Chapter 8)
                 April 4          AC circuits (conclusion), filters, quality factor and resonance (Chapter 8)
   13          Apr 9            REALLY TENTATIVE: EXACT DATE TO BE DETERMINED optional exam review during class time, evening exam (Chapters 4-7)
                 Apr 11           displacement current, Maxwell's equations (Chapter 9)
   14          Apr 16           Wave equation, electromagnetic radiation (Chapter 9, Appendix B)
                 Apr 18           electromagnetic radiation continued, polarization, Poynting vector, energy, power and momentum of radiation (Chapter 9)
   15          Apr 23           electric fields in matter (Chapter 10)
                 Apr 25           catch up / snow day / fun lecture
   16          Apr 30           catch up / snow day / final exam review

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