Physics 272: Advanced Honors Physics II
Spring 2018

HW7 due in class Monday, March 5, 2018
Reading: Purcell 4.10

Note: the solution for each problem and your name should be written on a separate page (sorry, trees!) to facilitate the grading. Please paperclip the pages together.
I have put the answers (or in some cases partial answers) at the bottom of this page. You can use them to check your own answers -- if they don't agree, you know you need to go back and look for at least one mistake.

1. 4.29 Keeping the same resistance*

2. 4.35 Resistances in a cube**

3. 4.34 Effective resistances in lattices**

4. 4.36 Attenuator chain**

5. 4.45 Battery/resistor loop**

6. 4.46 Maximum power via Thevenin**

4.42 Making an ohmmeter***
First go over Problem 4.10 and its solution.


1. R0/Sqrt[3]
2. (a) 5R/6, others for you to find
3. (a) (1/3) Ohm, others for you to find
4. (R1+Sqrt[R1^2+4R1R2])/2
5. open-circuit voltage is 0.3V
6. 45 W