Physics 272: Advanced Honors Physics II
Spring 2018


The textbook:
Electricity and Magnetism 3rd Edition, by Edward M. Purcell and David J. Morin
Homework will be due in class on Mondays.
Each week, several "warm-up" problems will be assigned and should be worked before recitation.

Warmup1: do before recitation #2 Thursday/Friday January 25/26
Warmup2: do before recitation #3 Thursday/Friday February 1/2. Answers: 3.8 x 10-8 C/m2; 0.562 mV, (a) -2.30V (b) -1.78V; 12V/m(-i-hat + j-hat)
Warmup3: do before recitation #4 Thursday/Friday February 8/9. Answers: (a) -3.0x10-6C (b) 1.310-5C, (a) 3.5pF (b) 3.5pF (c) 57V, 0.280F, 72F
Warmup4: do before recitation #7 Thursday/Friday March 1/2. Answers: 8.0 Ohms; (a) 0.004 Ohm (b) 1; (a) 50 mA (b) 60 mA (c) 9.0V; (a) 0.150 Ohm (b) 240 W

Practice Exams
These are exams from the equivalent MIT course 8.022, from fall 2002, 2004 and 2006.
Solutions are available for the fall 2002 exam here (that course used a different system of units -- you can convert your answers to theirs by setting k=1 and epsilon0=1/(4pi)). I'll post comments about the problems on the exams continuously over the weekend.
Fall 2002
Fall 2003
Fall 2004
Fall 2006

HW1: due in class Monday, January 22 (solutions)
HW2: due in class Monday, January 29 (solutions)
HW3: due in class Monday, February 5 (solutions), solutions for #1 and #4 (#11 coming)
HW4: due in class Monday, February 12 (solutions)
HW5: due in class Monday, February 19 (solutions)
HW6: due in class Monday, February 26 (solutions)
HW7: due in class Monday, March 5
HW8: new due date: in class Monday, March 26

Lecture 1: Wednesday, January 17
Lecture 2: Monday, January 22 (force on charge due to fixed charge distribution, electric field and electric field lines, electric flux, Gauss law)
Lecture 3: Wednesday, January 24 (symmetry and using Gauss law, electric potential and gradients) (prelecture E-field simulation at )
Lecture 4: Monday, January 29 (relations among charges, field and potential; energy; introduction to fields and conductors)
Lecture 5: Wednesday, January 31 (charges, field and potential in systems with conductors, intro to capacitors)
Lecture 6: Monday, February 5 (capacitance matrix, uniqueness theorem, point charge and conducting plane, point charge and conducting sphere, energy stored in capacitor)
Lecture 7: Wednesday, February 5 (forces in electrostatic systems, current, "steady current", introduction to equation of continuity)
Lecture 8: Monday, February 12 (current density, Ohm's law, resistance and resistivity)
Lecture 9: Wednesday, February 14 (energy and power, microscopics of vacuum diode and solid, circuits with emf sources and resistors)
Lecture 10: Monday, February 26 (review of circuits, real batteries, Thenevin equivalents)
Lecture 11: Wednesday, February 28 (symmetry and superposition in circuits, intro to magnetic field and force)
Lecture 12: Monday, March 5 (magnetic field and force, field of an infinite straight wire)
Wednesday, March 7: SNOW DAY
Lecture 13: Monday, March  (field of an infinite straight wire - synmetry and superposition; Ampere's law, shell theorem for currents)
Wednesday, March 21: ANOTHER SNOW DAY



Prof. Karin Rabe (lectures)
Serin 265
office hours:
Sundays 6:00-7:15 PM in Scott Hall 101; Mondays 11:00-12:00 noon in Serin 265 or tea room across from Serin 273

Ian LaFlotte (recitations)
office hours: Fridays 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm near the chalkboard up the hallway from Serin 218 (that is, with Serin 218 to your left, start walking up the hall towards Alison Road).

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