Starting from Fall 2017, Physics 271 and 272 will be different than previous years.
The old version of 271/272 is the honors version of Analytical Physics: 123H/124H.

1) Advanced Introductory Physics (271/272) are challenging courses, meant for very well-prepared students who are planning or considering a major in physics or a closely related discipline. If you do not intend to take further courses in physics, you should not be in 271/272.

2) Learning to think like a physicist can be achieved only through experience actively tackling challenging problems. You can expect that the weekly homework assignments will include between 8 and 10 such problems. Weekly recitations and instructor office hours will be focused on helping you develop your problem-solving skills.

(3) Calculus will be used extensively throughout the course, so mastery of the material in Calculus 1 is an essential prerequisite. If you got a C or C+ in Calculus 1 or an equivalent course, you are strongly cautioned against taking 271/272.