Physics 271 Homework

This page will contain the assigned homework problems and their due dates.
  • Homeworks must be completed on sheets of 8.5" x 11" paper, and be legible. PRINT YOUR NAME AND Rutgers ID.
  • Homeworks must be handed in on the due date. NO LATE HOMEWORKS WILL EVER BE ACCEPTED.

    Please DO NOT EVER email the professors scanned homework.

  • Homework solutions will be posted after the due date.
  • Homework must be your own work. Copying the work of others, either from your classmates or from the web, is forbidden.

  • Keep a notebook for homework problems. Copy the solutions onto sheets to hand in
  • Start on the homework on the day it is made available. Recitations will assume you are familiar with the basic problem.
  • Do not procrastinate (ie, start homework on the night before the due date). That will lead to failure.
  • Once the solutions are posted, go through them and note corrections in your notebook.

    Homework 1, Due Sept 11

    Homework 2, Due Sept 18

    Homework 3, Due Sept 25

    Homework 4, Due Oct 16

    Homework 5, Due Oct 16

    Homework 6, Due Oct 23

    Homework 7, Due Oct 30

    Homework 8, Due Nov 7

    Homework 9, Due Nov 22 (no lecture, drop in mailbox)

    Homework 10, Due Dec 4

    Homework 11, Due Dec 11

  • Practice Exams here: Practice Exam 1

    Practice Exam 2

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