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Niels Bohr

Waves in an atom

Richard Feynman

Pentium 4 processor

Mileva Maric, Albert Einstein

 Bravo H bomb. Bikini 1954

John Bardeen

Galaxy NGC 4414

Lise Meitner

Rutgers Physics and Astronomy


Physics 228
Analytical Physics IIB
Optics and Modern Physics

Spring 2015

Lecturer: Professor Frank Zimmermann
Course Administrator:
Professor Vitaly Podzorov


If you have questions regarding the lectures, demonstrations, the textbook or iclickers, contact Prof. Zimmermann.

If you have questions regarding Mastering Physics, exams, or grades, contact Prof. Podzorov.

If you have questions regarding homework problems or quizzes, contact your recitation instructor.

Einstein's big idea
Time Dilation
1927 Solvay Conference





The FINAL exam is on May 12, 4-7 pm in College Avenue Campus Gym and Annex (please arrive 20-30 min before 4 pm).

All sections are in one place. 

Makeup Final: Wed., May 20, 4-7pm, Busch Campus, SEC-202.

We will be running the help sessions at the MSLC in preparation for final:


Monday  May 11
Slot 1:   10 AM -12 PM
Slot 2:   12 PM - 2 PM
Slot 3:   2 PM - 4 PM
Slot 4:   4 PM - 6 PM
Tuesday May 12
Slot 1: 10 AM -12 PM
Slot 2: 12 PM - 2 PM

Location of the help sessions:
ARC 328 (the Alison road building).

  Due to 4/27 interruptions in Internet access, the deadline for HW 12 is extended to 11:59pm Friday 5/1.

Attendance of all the exams will be strictly reinforced. No makeups will be allowed, unless a legal reason exists.

Legal reasons for missing an exam are:

1. Being sick, with a written letter from your doctor, backed by a letter from your Dean.

2. For athletes - participation in a sporting event, backed by a letter from your Dean or an official Rutgers coach.

Before the first lecture, Thursday January 22, 2015, you will need to have three items:
1) an I-clicker (for class participation)
2) a copy of the text books
University Physics Vol 2-3 (Chapters 21-37)  13th/E
Young, Freedman & Ford 2012 | Addison-Wesley AND
3) a license for the online homework software Mastering Physics (otherwise you will not be able to do the homework! )
If you took Physics 227 this past fall, you should have all of this except perhaps Vol. 3 of the book, which you will need to have after the first few weeks.

If you have an I-clicker from Physics 227 or another previous course, great! Just put in a fresh battery or keep one with you in case the old one dies in the middle of lecture.

The book is available new at the Rutgers bookstore, both on its own and in a bundle with the Mastering Physics license. Note: if you already have a MP license and login ID from a previous course, you do not need to buy another. For Physics 228, you need both Vol. 2 and Vol. 3.

The Mastering Physics course ID is RUPHYS228S15. After you log on with your user ID and password, you will need to enter your Student ID: use your 9-digit Rutgers student ID number.

 At the dawn of the 20th century, few scientists, even in their wildest dreams, could have imagined the momentous revolution ahead. The discovery of atoms and participles, the notion of space time, the equivalence of matter and energy, the wave nature of particles and the particle nature of light, new quantum phases of matter, semiconductors, superconductors, the expanding universe...  leading to current issues such as the Higgs boson, dark matter, dark energy, and physics beyond the standard model. All of these are part of the great scientific revolution of the past 100 years, a revolution that continues today, and whose consequences have rapidly transformed our world and impacted your life.

In this course, you will learn about the foundations of modern physics - foundations that are absolutely necessary for you to survive and compete in the rough-and-tumble technological world of the 21st century. As in the companion course, 227, it is a course in which we ask you to think conceptually, to be curious and open minded. The object of the course is not to accumulate a list of equations into which you plug numbers: it is a unique opportunity for you to ponder and learn about the deep principles that govern the quantum world in which you live. We look forward to having you in the class and will meet you all at the first class on Thursday, January 22nd.

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