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Elements of Physics 161 (Fall 2014)

Lecture: TH 0500P-0620 BUS PHY-LH


Average of Final Exam is 68 %. Individual scores and Course Grade in Gradebook.
, Solutions Exam2
, Solutions Exam1

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Make use of the free tutoring (until Friday, December 12):
Professor William DeBuvitz, Friday 10:00am-12:00noon. He MOVED from ARC 332 at the MSLC to SERIN PHYSICS 232 (the room where we have the workshops).

You can also go to any of the other office hours as posted in General Information.



Students in this course should regularly check this 161 webpage. 
Important announcements about homework, laboratory/workshop, exams, etc. are posted at the bottom of this webpage.




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Free tutoring available (starting Sept 12):
Professor William DeBuvitz, Friday 10:00am-12:00noon, Serin Physics 232.


Summary of Lectures

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  • lec 03 , lec 04
  • lec 05 , lec 06
  • lec 07 , lec 08
  • lec 09 , lec 10
  • lec 11 , lec 12
  • lec 13 , lec 14
  • lec 15 , lec 16
  • lec 17 , lec 18
  • lec 19 , lec 20
  • lec 21 , lec 22
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  • lec 25
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    Homework solutions
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    Give your answers with 3 significant figures in the units indicated.
    Powers of 10 should be in E format with no spaces. Example 3.14E9

    HW03:08 (4.P.042) part a) and b): Any file you download gives you credit. The figures are not graded.

    HW04:12 (6.P.054): Use momentum and kinetic energy conservation for an elastic collision. As a shortcut the relation v(2,f)-v(1,f) = v(1,i)-v(2,i) could be used.

    HW05:05 (7.P.033): Typo: Mass of spaceship is 30,000 kg, not 3 x 10E43 kg.

    HW07:07 (11.P.004): Typo: Aluminum coefficient of linear expansion is 24 x 10^{-6} 1/C.

    HW09:10 (13.P.067) part a) and b): 'Object drops before stopping' in this problem means that the object oscillates and that its speed is zero at its lowest point.

    HW09:03 (13.P.008) part a) This is a straightforward calculation but WebAssign grading contained an error. The WebAssign error has been corrected as of Nov 7 morning. All your submitted answers are regraded and you get credit if any of them were correct.

    The Final exam3 will be December 19 at 8:00am-11:00am in CAC Gym Annex.
    The day before exam3 (Dec 18) a day-long (10:00am-8:00pm) help session will be held in room SRN-232 (workshop room).

    The Final exam covers all material of the course.
    There are 30 questions. The exam is 3 hours. At least half the questions will be about the material not covered in exam1 and exam2.
    You are allowed to bring 2 sheets of notes in your own hand writing.
    If you have a graphing calculator, you may bring that to the exams. However, the best type to have for the exams would be a non-graphing scientific calculator. That will have all of the functionality that you will need.
    You should not have a cell phone on you during the exam. Please keep your cell phone in your backpack or coat and leave your backpack and coat near the wall of the exam room away from any seat.
    At your seat you should keep calculator, pencils, one personal note-sheet and RU-ID.

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    Make your own sheet with formulae and notes to bring to the exam.


    There will be regular labs as well as online homework during the exam week.

    Give your answers with 3 significant figures in the units indicated.

    Occasionally, announcements about the physics 161 course will be sent out by e-mail.  I have down-loaded the "official" e-mail addresses from the University roster.  Be sure to check your "official" e-mail address for new messages.If your e-mail address has changed or is not listed with the University roster,  let me know.


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