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Lecture: TH 0500P-0620 BUS PHY-LH (first lecture September 5)



Day before the final exam = HELP-SESSION-DAY (in SRN-232).
DECEMBER 19, 10:00am - 4:30pm
Broussard, 10:00am
Javed, 11:30am
Ballal 1:00pm
Kloet 2:30pm

Solution Exam 1.
Exam2 average was 66% or 9.9/15 questions right
Solution Exam 2.
Exam3 is Wednesday, Dec 20, 12:00pm-3:00 in ARC 103.
Topics are all Chapters of the Syllabus, all Lectures, Homework, Workshops
Practice exam3 and solutions available.

Links to manuals for the next labs have been repaired.

Until Dec 15 still regular office hours (in SRN-232).
Ballal, Wed. 5:20pm
Broussard, Thur. 9:00am
Saha, Thur. 10:00am
Javed, Thur. 11:00am
Kloet, Thur. 12:00am (SRN-211)
Pasnoori, Thur. 3:00pm



For remarks about homework and further exam details skip to ANNOUNCEMENTS

Make use of the free tutoring:
Professor William DeBuvitz, Friday 10:00am-12:00noon. He will be in SERIN PHYSICS 232 (the room where we have the workshops).

You can also go to any of the other office hours as posted in General Information.



Students in this course should regularly check this 161 webpage. 
Important announcements about homework, laboratory/workshop, exams, etc. are posted at the bottom of this webpage.




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Free tutoring available (starting Sept 8):
Professor William DeBuvitz, Friday 10:00am-12:00noon, Serin Physics 232.


For individual tutoring try the link tutors


Summary of Lectures

  • lec 01 , lec 02 , extra problem lec 02
  • lec 03 , lec 04
  • lec 05 , lec 06
  • lec 07 , lec 08
  • lec 09 , lec 10 , about exam 1
  • lec 11 , lec 12
  • lec 13 , lec 14
  • lec 15 , lec 16
  • lec 17 , lec 18
  • lec 19 , lec 20
  • lec 21 , lec 22
  • lec 23 , lec 24 , lec 25
  • lec 26 , lec 27

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    After the due date solutions to your WebAssign problems can be viewed on your WebAssign page by clicking "Past Assignments", "Answer Key + Solution or Explanation".


    Give your answers with 3 significant figures in the units indicated.
    Powers of 10 should be in E format with no spaces. Example 3.14E9

    HW1: #5 (Chap 2, P 037):
    Hint: Make a graph of v versus t.
    HW3: #8 (Chap 4, P 068):
    Try to construct free-body diagrams but don't submit them.
    HW10: #6 (Chap 14, P 055): Note: windpipes are open-open tubes because we breath through them (until someone proves me wrong). However, just treat this problem as an open-closed tube as described in the text.
    HW10: #13 (Chap 15, P 046): The sphere is conducting.



    The exam will cover materials from the text, lectures, workshops and Homework problems.The exam will cover all materials from lectures and from the textbook as indicated in the Syllabus.
    There will be thirty multiple choice questions on the exam. The exam will be closed-book.
    You may bring two 8.5 x 11" sheet (double-sided) of notes in your own handwriting (no xerox copies). You will need to bring a calculator (a simple scientific one is best), your student ID card, and several #2 pencils to the exam. You will be asked to leave your backpacks with your cell phone at the front or rear of the room during the exam. Use of cell phones is strictly prohibited during the exam. Anyone with a cell phone out will have their exam confiscated.
    At the end of the exam carefully separate your exam cover sheet from the rest of the exam. Then turn in your signed exam cover page (with the answers) and show your Student ID to one of the proctors.


    _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________
    CALCULATOR (again).
    If you have a graphing calculator, you may bring it to the exams. However, the best type to have for the exams would be a non-graphing scientific calculator. That will have all of the functionality that you will need.
    CELL PHONES (again).
    You should not have a cell phone on you during the exam. Please keep your (turned off) cell phone in your backpack or coat and leave your backpack and coat near the wall of the exam room away from any seat.
    At your seat you should keep calculator, pencils, a personal note-sheet and RU-ID.

    _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________

    Make your own sheet with formulae and notes to bring to the exam.


    There will be regular labs as well as online homework during the exam week.

    Give your answers with 3 significant figures in the units indicated.
    'Mass = 0.2 kg' is not acceptable. 'Mass = 0.212 kg' is correct.
    Occasionally, announcements about the physics 161 course will be sent out by e-mail.  I have down-loaded the "official" e-mail addresses from the University roster.  Be sure to check your "official" e-mail address for new messages.If your e-mail address has changed or is not listed with the University roster,  let me know.


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