Physics 124 - Analytical Physics I-B, Spring 2014

Course Supervisor: Professor Girsh Blumberg

Course Administrator: Professor Harry Kojima

Course Assistant: Sean Brennan

Course Announcements

May. 5 

Final exam: 4 - 7 PM on Tuesday May 13, 2014

Go to the assigned building according to your last name:

   Aaa - Macho: College Av. Gym (CAG)

    Machp - Zzz: College Av. Gym Annex (CAGA)

April 27


Below is a link for you to complete an online survey about physics learning (Note: this is NOT a course evaluation.) If you complete it, with effort, you will earn an extra 1 % to be added to your total score.

The research study leaders will be the only people with access to your answers; as your instructors we will receive information only as to whether or not you have taken the survey with effort. Completing the survey will help your grade.

You are expected to take the online survey by May 4th at midnight; it will take about 10 minutes to complete. Here is the link for the online survey

Apr. 14  Final exam: 4 - 7 PM on Tuesday May 13, 2014

Mar. 31   Materials to be covered in the Second Common Hour Exam on April 7

Mar. 27   Second Common Hour Exam (answers) on Monday night Apr. 7, 2014, 10:00 - 11:20PM.

Last name               Location

Aaa - Kri                ARC-103

Krj - Patel              HLL-114

Patt - Zzz               BE-AUD (Beck Hall Auditorium on Livingston campus, see map)

Feb. 10   First Common Hour Exam (answers) on Monday Feb. 24, 2014, 10:00 - 11:20PM.

Last name               Location

Aaa - Kri                ARC-103

Krj - Patel              HLL-114

Patt - Zzz               BE-AUD (Beck Hall Auditorium on Livingston campus, see map)

Jan. 29 Email message about the study group session was sent yesterday to all students registered in physics 124 to the mail addresses shown in the gradebook.  If you did not receive such a message, verify that the email address shown in the gradebook and the Rutgers mail host system called are correct.  Try sending a message to yourself at the address shown in the gradebook.  If not corrected, you may miss important email messages about the course.

Jan. 28 Information on the free study group sessions is now available.  The number of students per session is limited and registration is required.  Registration opens at noon Friday, Jan. 31 and closes at noon Sunday Feb. 2.

Jan. 21 Be sure to register as soon as possible with Mastering Physics for submitting assignments. The course ID at Mastering Physics is P124S2014.  When registering, enter your Rutgers student ID number for "student ID."  This is important for properly receiving credit for your assignments submitted.

For i-Clicker related questions, see the link "course information and requirements - syllabus" below.

Jan. 21 Free study group sessions will be scheduled for the course between Feb. 3 and May 2 (except during spring break).  Registration is required.  Details will be given next week.

Be sure to check for announcements related to physics 124 at this web site and at your email  address shown in the physics Gradebook Check that the email address listed in the Gradebook is correct.  If not, messages will not be sent to you.

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Very important:  Be sure to read all links to this home page.   All information pertaining to this course can be found in the links.

Do attend the lecture on Friday Jan. 24.

No workshop during the first week of classes between Jan. 21 and 24.  Workshops begin on Monday Jan. 27.

Proper Operation of iClicker:  To check proper operation of iClicker transmitter before the lectures is a reposibility of each student.  Check that your iClicker transmits signal by seeing green light flash when you make a choice.  If green light does not flash, your answer was not transmitted to the signal receiver.  Credit for iClicker questions cannot be given for malfunction in the transmitter.  Read iClicker information on the syllabus.

Due date and time for assignments: 11:59PM on Thursdays.

Weekly quiz: A short quiz will be given during workshop each week.  Quizzes will be based on the Friday lecture material just prior to the workshop and on questions related to those problems/questions in the assignment due on Thursday of the workshop week.  See syllabus for more details.

Rutgers status can be found here.

Galileo Galilei

Isaac Newton

Course Information and Requirements - Syllabus

Instructors and Recitations

Schedule for Homework, Workshops, Lectures

(Read the relevant sections of the text before coming to Friday lectures.  Supplementary notes and homework solutions are available through the schedule.)

Mastering Physics

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Online Gradebook

Tycho Brahe

Johannes Kepler




Maria Goeppert-Mayer

James Clerk Maxwell

Richard Feynman

Marie Curie

Enrico Fermi

Albert Einstein

CopernicusNicolaus Copernicus