Physics 124

Analytical Physics I-B, Spring 2016

Survey and In-class Test

To all students in Physics 124:  The required end of semester survey is available now here (please note that the link has been updated). You are associated with Physics 123.  It takes only 10 minutes; make sure you complete it asap but not later than midnite May 2.  The required post-test will be offered in lecture on Friday, April 29. You can attend either lecture time.

If you complete the survey and take the in-class test, this is worth 1 percent of your course grade.  If you do not complete both the survey AND the in-class test, you will get a zero for 1% of your course grade.    Your performance on this test and survey will have no impact on your grade.  The course instructors will never see your scores, only an analysis of the class as a whole with no names attached.  This effort is part of the assessment of the effectiveness of instruction in introductory physics courses. You have to take the test and survey but can opt out of having your results used as part of the research project (to opt-out see on-line survey).

Welcome to Physics 124!

As the course progresses, we will be posting important information to this page. To orient yourself, please click on the links above to get some information about the course. Recitations and workshops will meet the first week of classes, before the first lecture. Our first lecture will be held on Friday, January 22nd. Before you come to class, please prepare the following things:

  • Read the selected chapter sections from the textbook. Coming to class having done the reading will be the expectation for the rest of the semester.
  • Do "Introduction to Mastering Physics" to learn how to work with Mastering Physics (this not counted towards grade). The first homework assignment will be due on Monday, January 25th before the second lecture.
  • Register and bring your iClicker to lecture (instructions are here).

Mastering Physics.  If you were in Analytical Physics IA last semester and used Mastering Physics, you do NOT need to purchase a new access code.  Your MP account from last semester should work. The course ID is MPCIZEWSKI00319. If you took Analytical Physics IA more than a year ago, you may need to purchase a new Mastering Physics license. This can be purchased with the textbook, or online.

If you are having registration problems and need a special permission number, please submit requests through a form on our website.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Professors Brahmia, Cizewski, and Chou


Lecturer: Prof. John Paul Chou
Course Administrator:
Prof. Jolie Cizewski
Workshop Coordinator:
Prof. Suzanne Brahmia

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