Extended Analytical Physics 750:116

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Announcements and Advice

January 17, 2017

PLEASE NOTE: In order to pass Physics 116 you MUST pass at least one hourly exam or the final exam. If you fail your first hourly exam, your projected grade will be an F until you pass an exam.

  • STUDENTS FROM PHYS 123: To catch up on the material you missed from last semester, please read sections 13.1 and 13.2 in the 13th edition of Young and Freedman's University Physics (the book you used in Phys 123); the topics are the gravitational force and weight.

  • Information for students with disabilities

  • Here is a map to the classroom NPL213
  • Register your iClicker unit for lecture if you have not already registered. If you have the same transmitter that you used last semester in 115, you do not need to reregister.

  • Here is all of the required reading from Physics: The First Science

  • HOW TO LEARN FROM THE TEXT: Textbook readings should be done prior to lecture and are crucial to making the most of the lecture time. There are many examples to work through in the textbook, and you are expected to be working through them as part of your reading assignment. You will not be tested on all of the Guided Review, but doing them is an excellent way to be studying for this course.

  • This is the Free Physics Ebook that is one of the required textbooks for this course. You can download it in a variety of formats, and take advantage of the free supporting materials and tools at the publisher's download site. The OpenStax project provides high quality college-level textbooks available for downloading or as an interactive ebook in a variety of subjects.

  • All homework and reading quizzes will be posted on WebAssign .If you took Physics 115 last semester, just click on the "I have a Class Key" or "Enter a Class Key" icons to register. You may also use the following link to enter you class key if you have trouble finding the location: Enter Class Key. These are the instructions for registering on WebAssign if you have never registered before. The course key for WebAssign is
    rutgers 1813 2406

  • Asking someone for an answer and using it for your homework is considered cheating.Taking less than a minute to correctly answer WebAssign questions is an indicator of cheating. You will not be persecuted for this, but you will be hurting yourself and wasting your time. Research shows that students who frequently cheat on homework score, on average, two letter grades lower on exams than students who do their homework without cheating. For more, see the article by Professor Pritchard at MIT.

  • Come in and get help at any of the instructors' office hours; feel free to visit any instructor that is available when you are.

  • Check out your grades on the online Gradebook. Please notify your TA if there are any errors.

  • Here you'll find old exams and solutions to help you prepare for exams.

  • Here is a printable version of the formula sheet for the final.

  • The Engineering Toolbox is useful for finding material properties like densities, specific heats, etc. that you often need for homework, in addition to just about any physics relevant to engineering applications.

  • The simulations that we use in class can be found at the University of Colorado PhET page. Note that HTML5 PhET simulations can be run on most smartphones, however some PhETs are JAVA or Flash based which may not run on phones.