Condensed Matter Seminar Schedule

Spring 2018

            Seminars are on Tuesdays at 1:30 pm unless otherwise specified

All welcome! 

 Please contact our administrative assistant  Stefanie Miller ( with questions  regarding travel arrangements and reimbursements. Questions about the CM seminar schedule should be addressed to Prof. Emil Yuzbashyan (

Date Title
Speaker's Host

Jan 23

Mesoscopics with attractive electrons
David Pekker
(University of Pittsburgh)

Jed Pixeley
Special seminar
Thu, Jan 25
3:30 pm

Anomalous Transport Properties in Topological Phases of Matter
Tian Liang

David Vanderbilt

Jan 30

Odd surface waves Alexander Abanov
(Stony Brook University)
Emil Yuzbashyan

Feb 6

Strong covalency and ligand holes, or how to make magnetic gold?
Daniel Khomskii
(University of Cologne
Jak Chakalian

Feb 13

Band geometry and nonlinear optical studies on Weyl semimetals
Liang Wu
Sean Oh

Feb 20

  Giant thermoelectric effect and bulk Fermi arc of Dirac electrons
Liang Fu

David Vanderbilt

Feb 27

Interacting Interfaces of Complex Oxides with Strongly Correlated Carriers
 Jak Chakalian

Emil Yuzbashyan
March 6
NO SEMINAR, APS March Meeting

March 13

Non-Fermi liquid behavior from quantum critical local moments
Laura Classen

Jed Pixeley

March 20

Transport and Symmetry in Spin-Orbit Coupled Magnets
Joseph Checkelsky
Weida Wu
Special seminar
Thu, March 22
1:30 pm
Quantum Dimers
Garry Goldstein
Natan Andrei

March 27

Resistivity from the extremely correlated Fermi liquid theory
Sriram Shastry
(U of California, Santa Cruz
Emil Yuzbashyan

April 3

Dynamic band structure tuning of 2D van der Waals heterostructures with pressure
Matthew Yankowitz

Eva Andrei
Special seminar
Thu, April 5
1:30 pm
Hydrodynamics of electrons in metals
Andrew Lucas

Tom Banks

April 10

Seminar moved to Thursday, April 12, 1:30 pm

Thu, April 12
1:30 pm
Many-body cavity QED with multimode resonators
Benjamin Lev

Jed Pixeley

April 17

Quantized States, Berry Phases, and Wedding Cakes in Graphene Quantum Dots
Joseph A. Stroscio

Eva Andrei

April 24

Andrew Millis
Sang Cheong

May 1

Ashvin Vishwanath

Emil Yuzbashyan
Special seminar
Tue, May 15
1:30 pm
Bandwidth Controlled Correlated Oxide Heterostructures
Zhaoliang Liao
(Oak Ridge National Lab)

Weida Wu