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The Rutgers Physics & Astronomy Newsletter       Number S18-1  2018-January 16
           Editor: David Vanderbilt        Publisher: Christina Pettola
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HET Tues Jan 16 Soo-Jong Rey, Seoul National University
3:00 401W       "Triality of Little String Theories"

LSM Thurs Jan 18 Howard Katz, Johns Hopkins University
12:00 Chem 260       "Polymer-Dopant Synergies for Thermoelectric Performance in Sustainable Materials"

AST Thurs Jan 18 Blakesley Burkhart, Harvard-Smithsonian CfA
1:30 401W      "Turbulent Beginnings: A Predictive Theory of Star Formation in the Interstellar Medium"

*********Partial List of Next Week's Seminars**************

CMS Tues Jan 23 David Pekker, University of Pittsburgh
1:30 385E       "Mesoscopics with attractive electrons"

AST Tues Jan 23 Kristen McQuinn, University of Texas at Austin
1:30 401W      TBD

HET Tues Jan 23 Ilias Cholis, Johns Hopkins University
3:00 401W       TBD

CM Wed Jan 24 Minjae Kim, Ecole Polytechnique, France
1:30 385E       "Spin-Orbit Coupling and Electronic Correlations in Hund’s Metals: Sr2RuO4"

LSM Thurs Jan 25 Gregory David Fuchs, Cornell University
12:00 Chem 260       "Time-resolved magneto-thermal microscopy: dynamic imaging of magnetic metals and magnetic insulators in devices"

AST Thurs Jan 25 Robyn Sanderson, Caltech
1:30 401W      TBD

CMS Thurs Jan 25 Tian Liang, Stanford University
3:30 385E       "Anomalous Transport Properties in Topological Phases of Matter"

NPS Fri Jan 26 Marija Vostinar, University of Tennessee
12:00 112W       "Superheavy elements and decay spectroscopy of 258Db"

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      MPS=Mathematical Physics Seminar   LSM=Lab for Surface Modification
      NPS=Nuclear Physics Seminar        HEX=High Energy Experimental
      AST=Astrophysics Seminar           SSS=Surface Science Seminar
      INS=Instructional Seminar          CMS=Condensed Matter Seminar
      SIP=Seminar in Physics             SPS=Society of Physics Students
      HET=High Energy Theory             COL=Colloquium
      MSS=Materials Science Seminar      HON=Honors Seminar
      BPS=Biological Physics Seminar     SSPAR=Student Seminars in Physics
      DELTA-P=Developing Educators         and Astronomy at Rutgers
        and Leaders Among TAs in Physics
      RAS=Rutgers Astronomical Society

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