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What is this page for?

The Experimental High Energy Physics Group at Rutgers University intends to provide science educators with a collection of links to physics and astronomy lesson plans from various educational web sites. Each link goes directly to the lesson plan you select. This hopefully reduces the time and effort you put into searching for lesson plans using search engines.

How is the list organized?

Lesson plans are grouped by the grade level: Elementary School (K-6), Middle School (7-9), High School (10-12). More advanced lesson plans are listed under the heading "Advanced" (13-). The lesson plans with no specification of intended grade levels are listed under the heading "General."

These groups are further divided into several subcategories by the topic. All the headings appear in the frame placed left so that you can easily find materials you need.

Some tips...

Lesson plans intended for a wide range of grade levels (e.g. K-12) are listed in each grade level section. If you want high school materials, you only need to go to the High School section, for example. However, there are numerous lesson plans that may be suitable for your needs in the General section. Please be sure to check it if you do not find anything in the other sections. In fact, the General section is worth a look even when you find enough materials somewhere.

Although these lesson plans are also sorted by the subject, it is strongly recommended that you take a look at more than one subcategories. These subject-oriented subcategories should narrow down your candidates but each lesson plan is listed only once in that grade level section. This may cause you a problem when a lesson plan deals with multiple subjects.

For example, a lesson plan that deals with Earth's magnetic field may appear either in the Magnetism section or in the Earth section. In that case, you have to look at both the sections to find the lesson plan. The same thing can be said about such topics as electromagnetism; they appear only in one of the appropriate categories (Sorry...).

After you open a page in the frame, you can always go back quickly to the list by using the pop-up menu and selecting "Back." Clicking the right mouse button causes the pop-up menu to open within the frame at which the cursor points. Then simply select "Back" to return to the previous list. Also remember that you can change the size of the frame by dragging it to the position you desire.

Some links do not go directly to the materials you select for a technical reason. Still the lesson plan should be in that page you accessed. In that case you should either search for the title of the lesson plan using the "Find" feature of your browser or make sure there is some link to another page that has the material.

Please start with the frame in the left. We hope you find this page useful.

About the Materials

All the lesson plans are not provided by Rutgers University. These lesson plans are made possible by the effort of various other educational web sites. There are the links to these web sites in the Acknowledgements section so visit them and have a look at the useful resources they have to offer.

We welcome any comments and suggestions (and complaints...) on this page. Please feel free to email for anything regarding this page.