Matteo Cremonesi
"Searching for Dark Matter at Colliders: General Approach and Future 

The nature of Dark Matter (DM) is one of the most interesting open 
questions in modern physics. Though its existence is proven by 
astrophysical evidence, its properties are not yet understood. If we 
assume that DM particles can be produced through their interactions with 
Standard Model particles, collider experiments, even though are not 
designed for this purpose, can help shed light on this mystery. 
Additionally, collider experiments are complimentary to direct- and 
indirect-DM detection experiments in terms of the phase space covered.

In this talk the generic approach for DM searches at colliders is 
described, reviewing the analysis techniques used as well as the 
presentation and interpretation of recent results. A discussion of 
short- and medium-term improvements that can contribute to giving a more 
complete and coherent picture will also be presented.