PSI 43 Test Station

Equipment List


Equipment List

+/-5v @ 3A

Clock Source

40MHz, 4Vpp,+2V offset, Square Wave, Frequency Generator with 50 ohm drive. (i.e. TTL Compatable)

Trigger Sources TTL Compatable, 50 ohm , Signal for FEC Triggers. Note: A calibrate trigger results in a Normal Trigger being generated, 16 clocks later. This means only a single pulser is necessary for generating a Calibration readout from a readout chip.
PC A PC with Parallel port and PCI slot running Redhat Linux 7.1 (for 20MHz ADC) or Linux 7.3 (for 40 MHz ADC)
Software Test Station control software, ?
ADC 20 MHz - Cyber Research PCI DAQ 2012 with +/-1V input range.
40 MHz - To Be Determined
Boards Front End Controller Board *
Token Bit Manager Board *
Read Out Chip mounted on Adapter Board.
Cables 1 - DB25 Male to Female Cable from
PC Parallel Port to FEC
1 - 34 IDC Cable from FEC to TBM
1 - 34 IDC Cable < 1 foot long from TBM to ROC Adapter
1 - Custom Power Cable for TBM *
2 to 5 - 50 ohm, BNC cables for clock and trigger (Depending on Use)
2 - 50 ohm, Lemo to BNC Cable for Analog Output to ADC

(* Supplied by RU)

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