PSI 43 Test Setup


To get TBM working without any ROC connected.

1) Connect 50 ohm terminated Scope input to:
"DATA into 50 ohm" connector on
TBM board.
Also, set this channel to trigger at -0.4V.

2) Connect pwr cable on TBM to +/- 5V power.

3) On TBM board: (see
set HUB address to 0.
set TBM address to 0.
set loop token on (0).

(Note: switch 7 is not used, can be 0 or 1.)

4) Connect
FEC board to TBM via ribbon cable.
WARNING: do not plug ribbon cable into
34 pin socket for "ROC"!!

5) Connect 40 or 20 MHz clock generator to:
"Clock" on
FEC board.

6) Plug in PC parallel port cable to:
PC parallel connector on
FEC board.

(Note: cable has a DB25 Male for PC end
and a DB25 Female for the FEC end)

7) Plug in ~200 Hz trigger generator to:
"Sync/Clear/Calibrate" input on FEC board.

8) Login to PC as 'root' and startup daq code:

cd cosmoN (where N is the version number
of the software release)


9) Turn on +/- 5volt supplies. Check for nominal currents
as noted web
TBM page

10a) If scope isn't showing the TBM waveform of
3-Ultra Blacks+ 2 Ultra Black trailers (see

click on "Reset System"

or hit the "Reset" botton on TBM board

10b) To see rotating TBM event counter:
click on "Cal"

10c) To move to 40MHz readout:
click on "40MHz readout"



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