Token Bit Manager

I2C Memory Map


  • Disable Token Passing
  • Pause Readout (At Start of Header)
  • Ignore Incoming Triggers
  • Disable Trigger Output
  • Read Current Stack Count
  • Disable TBM Clock
  • Switch Readout to 40 MHz or 20 MHz
  • Inject Trigger (Norm/Sync/Pre-Cal/Reset)
  • Enable Auto Reset on Stack = 32 or 24
  • Readout the Stack Contents
  • Reset TBM
  • Clear Stack
  • Clear Token Out Bit
  • Clear Trigger Counter
  • Disable Output (Assign Analog inputs to Other TBM)

  • Assign ROC Control To Other TBM

  • Adjust Analog Levels

Input Driver Bias
Output Driver Current

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Address R/W Bit 7 Bit 6 Bit 5 Bit 4 Bit 3 Bit 2 Bit 1 Bit 0
Base+1/0 R/W   Disable Trigger Out Stack Readback Mode Ignore Incoming Triggers Pause Readout Stack Full On Count = 24/32** Disable TBM Clock 40/20 MHz Read Out
Base+3 R Mode 1 Mode 0 Stack Count Bit 5 Stack Count Bit 4 Stack Count Bit 3 Stack Count Bit 2 Stack Count Bit 1 Stack Count Bit 0
Base+2 W Mode 1 Mode 0 Disable Calibration Delayed Trig          
Base+5 R Stack D7 Event Num.
Bit 7
Stack D6 Event Num.
Bit 6
Stack D5 Event Num.
Bit 5
Stack D4 Event Num.
Bit 4
Stack D3 Event Num.
Bit 3
Stack D2 Event Num.
Bit 2
Stack D1 Event Num.
Bit 1
Stack D0 Event Num.
Bit 0
Base+4 W Clear Trigger Counter Clear Token Out Clear Stack Inject TBM Reset Trigger Inject PreCalibrate Trigger Inject ROC Reset Trigger Inject Sync Trigger Inject Normal Trigger
Base+7 R Stack D13 No Token Pass Stack D14 TBM Reset Stack D13 ROC Reset Stack D12 Sync Trigger Stack D11 Sync Error Stack D10 Reset Stack D9 PreCalibrate Trigger Stack D8 Stack Full
Base+9/8 R/W           Force Readout Clock On Disable Token Out Driver Disable Analog Output Drv
Base+B/A R/W Adjust Analog Input Amplifier Bias
Base+D/C R/W Adjust Analog Output Driver Bias
Base+F/E R/W

Adjust TBM's Analog Output Dac Gain


Mode Bit 0 Bit 1
Sync 0 X
Clear Trigger Counter 1 0
Calibration 1 1


Hub Port Address = Port #4   **When reading back this data bit, it's meaning is inverted (I.e. It reads back as Reset On Stack Count = 32/24
TBM 1 Base Address = 0xE0    
TBM 2 Base Address = 0xF0   Note: TBM 2  and Analog Output Registers are not present in FPGA Version


Stack Readout Procedure (Non Destructive):
  1. Set Pause Readout, Ignore Incoming Triggers, Stack Readback Mode.
  2. Read Current Stack Count.
  3. Read Stack Status Bits (Stack D8 - D13).
  4. Read Stack Event Number.
  5. Repeat Steps 3 & 4 thirty one times.
  6. Reset Pause Readout, Ignore Incoming Triggers, Stack Readback Mode.


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