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Jared Evans
(U. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

Displaced Leptons and Other Exotic Objects at the LHC

Both ATLAS and CMS have done very well at systematically covering possible final states constructed from standard detector objects, i.e., leptons, jets, photons, etc. However, exotic objects, which can be distinguished from these standard objects, typically require dedicated searches, and have the potential to be overlooked at the LHC. I will comment rather broadly on exotic objects and how current searches for these objects map onto several theories that produce them. I will then focus on the signatures from the displaced decays of NLSP staus in gauge mediation, and how searches for heavy stable charged particles, disappearing tracks, and displaced opposite flavor leptons constrain them. Slight variations on this theme can completely evade constraints from the existing array of searches. I will discuss some potentential improvements to the existing searches and some prospects for coverage at 13 TeV. Lastly, I will comment on recasting, and discuss some future progress to be made in exotic objects.

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