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2010-11 Handbook for Physics and Astronomy Graduate Students

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Research Programs

Applied Physics

The Graduate Program in Applied Physics is a joint effort between the Newark Campus of Rutgers University and the New Jersey Institute of Technology. However, some of the faculty in the Applied Physics program are also members of the Graduate Program in Physics and Astronomy associated with the New Brunswick campus of Rutgers.

Professor Daniel Murnick (Rutgers - Newark)

My current research interests are in high sensitivity isotope analysis and ultraviolet light source  production and applications.  Major active projects are in: (i) Stable isotope analysis via laser optogalvanic spectroscopy (the electrical response to resonant optical simulation) for biomedical and environmental applications, and (ii) Innovative ultraviolet sources for photochemistry, germicidal and fluorescence applications.  Research projects include experiments and modeling in a broad range of atomic, molecular and quantum electronic areas.  Collaborative work involves governmental, industrial, interdepartmental and international research groups.

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