Student: ___________________ Entrance Date: ______________

Committee: ___________________ ___________________

___________________ ___________________


Date of Meeting: ______________ Expected Ph.D. Date: ____________

Advanced Courses Taken Course Number Brief Description

Outside area of research: ________ __________________

________ __________________

________ __________________

In area of research: ________ __________________

________ __________________

________ __________________

________ __________________

615 Yes_____ No_____ 620 Yes_____ No_____


A. SUMMARY OF RESEARCH. This should typically consist of about 2-3 typed pages, carefully organized and written by the student in clear English. It should convey the essence of the research to all committee members, regardless of their specialties.

(The following sections should be completed by the committee after the student's oral presentation. The student should be recalled to complete section E).

B. Describe briefly the student's progress since the last meeting toward completion of thesis research. What problems remain to be solved?








C. Describe briefly significant strengths and weaknesses of the student in the areas listed below. What concrete steps (assignments) are being taken/should be taken to improve areas of weakness?

1. Research work





2. Breadth of knowledge in research area






3. Written presentation (Section A and other evidence)



4. Oral presentation




D. At the current rate of progress, when do you estimate the student will complete the thesis? How would you evaluate the student's diligence, motivation, and rate of progress?








E. Further comments by student or committee.








____________________ ____________________ ____________________

Committee Chair Student Graduate Director