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Noemie Koller Endowed Scholarship

Professor Noémie Benczer Koller is a world leader in research into the structure of the atomic nucleus. She has used techniques derived from nuclear, atomic and condensed matter physics to create an environment in which fast moving nuclei experience very large hyperfine magnetic fields. The magnetic interactions between nuclear magnetic moments of short-lived nuclear states and these fields lead to direct measurements of the nucleon configuration of the states involved. These techniques are particularly suitable to the new radioactive beam facilities under construction in the world. Professor Koller also made important contributions to beta decay and Mössbauer effect spectroscopy.

Professor Koller's research has been recognized by being awarded Fellowship in both the American Physical Society and the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Professor Koller is also very well known for her service work to Rutgers University and to the scientific community. In the Rutgers community, Professor Koller served on numerous university committees, including as chair of the first university-wide Gender Equity Committee. She also served as Associate Dean in the Faculty of Arts and Science for the natural sciences. This work led to Professor Koller being awarded the 2001 Daniel Gorenstein Memorial Award for outstanding scholarly achievement and exceptional service to the Rutgers University community, a New Jersey Women of Achievement Award, and the Douglass Medal.

In the physics community, Professor Koller served on numerous American Physical Society committees, including the Committee on Women in Physics and the Committee on the International Freedom of Scientists, and on the American Association for the Advancement of Science Committee on Scientific Freedom and Responsibility. She served as chair of Division of Nuclear Physics and of the Forum on International Physics of the American Physical Society. Professor Koller also served on the Nuclear Sciences Advisory Committee to the US Department of Energy and the National Science Foundation. Professor Koller was awarded the 2010 American Physical Society Nicholson Medal for Human Outreach ``For unselfish commitment to advocating the freedom of scientists around the world and for leadership in fostering equal opportunities for women in science.''

Professor Koller joined the Rutgers University faculty in 1960. She was a student of Prof. C.S. Wu at Columbia.

The Noemie Koller Endowed Scholarship in the Department of Physics and Astronomy has been established with a gift from Prof. Koller. This gift was made based on her appreciation of the importance of financial assistance in attracting the best graduate students. The intent is to assist individual students and the department as a whole. It is primarily intended for a woman experimental physics graduate student, preferably interested in nuclear physics or astronomy.

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