Surface and Interface Science
Physics 627 / Chemistry 542
Spring 2013

Course Supervisor: Prof. R. A. Bartynski

Updated: 02-May-2013

Course Announcements:

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Problem Set 1  Due Friday, Feb. 15, 2013

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Midterm Exam

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TEM images and data for NiO

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Course Information:

The objective of this course is to provide an introduction to the experimental and theoretical aspects of surface and interface science.  The course will be jointly taught by members of several departments in the physical sciences.

The purpose of the course is to acquaint students in physics, chemistry, materials science and electrical engineering with the static and dynamic behavior of clean and adsorbate-covered solid surfaces and interfaces, from both theoretical and experimental points of view.  Topics will include geometrical structure, surface morphology, electronic structure, surface composition, kinetics and dynamics (adsorption, scattering, vibrations, diffusion, desorption), structure and reactivity of surface molecules, non-thermal excitations of surfaces, catalysis and surface reactions.  Surfaces of metals, oxides and semiconductors will be considered, as well as solid-solid and solid-liquid interfaces.  Modern ultrahigh vacuum experimental methods will be discussed:  theoretical basis, experimental aspects, and data interpretation.

This course is a single semester version of what in previous years had been present as a two semester course.  In addition, we have incorporated new material addressing aspects of interface properties and phenomena. Topics include theoretical and experimental aspects of the electronic and geometric structure of surfaces, an introduction to adsorption, desorption and diffusion, surface processes, including atom and ion scattering, dynamical phenomena, and surface reactions, film growth, aspects of semiconductor processing, nanoscience, and heterogeneous catalysis.

The course requirements include 4 or 5 homework assignments, a midterm examination in November, a paper (approx. 12 pages) due at the end of the semester, and an oral presentation based on the paper.

Course Personnel:

Course Supervisor: R.A. Bartynski (Physics)

Additional Faculty:
L.C. Feldman (Physics and Materials Science)
E. Garfunkel (Chemistry)
T. Gustafsson (Physics)
B.J. Hinch (Chemistry)
D. Vanderbilt (Physics)
F. Zimmermann (Physics)

In addition, several other faculty members will present lectures in their areas of expertise, including:  P. Batson (Physics/Materials Science), M. Chhowalla (Materials Science), F. Cosandey (Materials Science), P. Moghe (Biomedical Engineering), Sean Oh (Physics), V. Podzorov (Physics), S. Rangan, (Physics), L. Wilunski (LSM), and W.  Wu (Physics).


Monday,Friday; 1:40PM - 3:00 PM; ARC 207 


The recommended texts for this book are:

Physics at Surfaces by Andrew Zangwill
(Cambridge U. Press, 1988)

Modern Techniques of Surface Science - Second Edition by D. P. Woodruff and T. A. Delchar
(Cambridge U. Press, 1994)

Other Resource Materials (on reserve in the Physics Library soon):

"Practical Surface Analysis" Second Edition, Vol 1 (1990) by D. Briggs, M. P. Seah

"Low Energy Electrons and Surface Chemistry", Second Edition (1985) by G. Ertl, J. Kuppers

"Fundamentals of Surface and Thin Film Analysis", L.C. Feldman and J.W. Mayer, North Holland-Elsevier, N.Y. (1986);
translated into Japanese, Kaibundo Publishing (1988); translated into Russian, MIR Publishing (1989).

"Fundamentals of Nanoscale Film Analysis", Terry L. Alford, Leonard C. Feldman, and James W. Mayer, Springer (2007);
translated into Japanese, (2008)

"Surface Science, an Introduction", (1992) by J. B. Hudson

"Metal Surface Electron Physics" (1996) by A. Kiejna, K. F. Wojciechowski

"Surfaces and Interfaces of Solids", Second Edition (1993) by H. Luth

"Introduction to Surface Physics" (1994) by M. Prutton

"Introduction to Surface Chemistry and Catalysis", (1994) by G. A. Somorjai

"Principles of Adsorption and Reaction on Solid Surfaces" (1996) by R. I. Masel

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Surface and Interface Science - Spring 2013
Lecture # Date Instructor Lecture Topic
1 Fri. 25-Jan. RAB Introduction to course: why are surfaces interesting, begin surface thermodynamics and surface structure
2 Mon. 6-Sept. RAB Surface Thermodynamics
3 Fri. 1 Feb. RESCHEDULED: Tues. 29 Jan. 5:00-6:20PM Room: ARC 108 RAB Surface Structure;Two-dimensional Lattices
4 Mon. 4-Feb. RAB Electron mfp, diffraction methods: LEED; RHEED; Scanning probe
5 Fri. 8-Feb. PB Microscopy: Principles of SEM,TEM, LEEM   
6 Mon. 11-Feb. LF Intro to electron spectroscopy: Analyzers, electron optics
7 Fri. 15-Feb. RAB Surface/Film Composition: XPS
8 Mon. 18-Feb. LF Ion Scattering Methods - RBS (channeling, NRA, ERD)
9 Fri. 22-Feb. TG Ion Scattering II - MEIS (Channeling, Blocking, HighRes RBS)
10 Mon. 25-Feb. LW Lab session: Ion Scattering [Meet in NPL] RBS Lab Notes
11 Fri. 1-Mar. RAB Intro to Electronic Properties [Term Paper Topic Due]
12 Mon. 4-Mar. DHV Band Structure: Bulk, Film, Surface
13 Fri. 8 Mar. RESCHEDULED: Thurs. 14 Mar. 5:00-6:20PM Room: SEC 205 EG Chemist's approach to electronic structure: From bonds and bands
14 Mon. 11-Mar. RAB Measuring electronic structure: UPS, ARUPS, IPS
15 Fri. 15-Mar. SR Lab session: X-ray Photoelectron Spect. [Meet in NPL] XPS Lab Notes
-- Mon. 18-Mar. -- Spring Break [No Classes]
-- Fri. 22-Mar. -- Spring Break [No Classes]
16 Mon. 25-Mar. RAB Quantum Confinement at surfaces
17 Fri. 29-Mar. RAB 3 Hour Mid-term Exam LOCATION TBA
18 Mon. 1-Apr. RAB Oxide Surfaces
19 Fri. 5-Apr. RAB Vibrational Spectroscopy;     Group Theory;    HREELS Theory
20 Mon. 8-Apr. FC Lab session: Transmission Electron Micro. [Meet in NPL] TEM Lab Notes
21 Fri. 12-Apr. JH Adsorption, desorption, diffusion, energy transfer, sticking, atom scattering, etc.
22 Mon. 15-Apr. SO Nucleation and growth of nanostructures and films
23 Fri. 19-Apr. WW Surface Magnetism
24 Mon. 22-Apr. FMZ Photovoltaics   
25 Fri. 26-Apr. VP Organic semiconductors/photovoltaics;    Supplemental Notes
26 Mon. 29-Apr. PM Biomaterial Surfaces and Interfaces;    Supplemental Notes
27 Fri. 3-May MC Carbon Nanotubes and graphene
28 Mon. 6-May
Rm: ARC 110
1:40 - 4:40PM
RAB Student oral presentations
- Mon. 13-May RAB Term papers due: Bartynski office

RAB = Bartynski PB = Batson LF = Feldman EG = Garfunkel TG = Gustafsson JH = Hinch
DV = Vanderbilt FZ = Zimmermann MC = Chhowalla SO = Oh VP = Podzorov WW = Wu
SR = Rangan FC = Cosandey LW = Wielunski