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Physics 618
Spring 2017
Applied Group Theory


This is the website for Applied Group Theory. Please see links on right for the General Course Information, and the Syllabus, which includes lecture notes and assignments.

Announcements will appear here and on the Announcements link, for a while, and then move to the Old Announcements link.

Texts: Mostly Jones and Georgi, but if you have other equivalent texts, those could substitute.

Class Meetings: Tuesday and Friday, 12:00-1:20, Arc 203.
Please be prompt. Do the reading in advance.


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Please print out “Info about You”, fill it out and place in my mailbox.

The first class meets Tuesday, January 17 in Arc 203. Please be prompt.
It would be good if you have already looked over the web pages, and read the material for the first lecture.

Students with Disabilities:
Please see Accommodations for Students with Disabilities and talk to me.

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