Physics 602: Graduate Solid State Physics II

Deep Challenges of Quantum Materials:
A Selected Survey of Great Papers from Last Year and Last Century

Spring 2020

12:00 - 2:00 p.m.

Course Instructor:  Prof.  Premi Chandra                                       

Overview:   Societal developments of human history are deeply connected with the discovery of new materials with novel properties.   For example our current information technologies are made possible by the development of silicon transistors.  However current limitations on computing call for new materials manifesting entangled quantum physics; here entanglement denotes the absence of any local quantities describing the individual quantum state.  With tremendous advances in materials synthesis and the emergence of quantum information,  there is great opportunity for the cross-fertilization of ideas towards the identification and characterization of new quantum materials, both for their fundamental properties and towards practical applications.

In this course we will explore outstanding questions posed by quantum materials through discussion of key experimental and theoretical results from the 20th century to breakthroughs of today.  The course will meet once a week, tentatively Thursday 12-3, and will take a reading/seminar format.  Each session we will discuss a few (2-4) papers on a specific topic with the aim to link to research areas of ongoing interest.  Possible themes to be explored include

a) the observation of antiferromagnetism and the subsequent emergence of quantum spin liquids and other novel spin states

b) BCS theory of superconductivity, its experimental confirmation and more recently materials that demand further theoretical understanding

c)  the observation of the fractional Quantum Hall effect, the identification of topological insulators and more recently the mysteries posed by bilayer graphene

d)  the opportunities presented by machine learning in strongly correlated quantum materials

e)  quantum circuitry:  where are we now towards realizing concepts of quantum information?

(Syllabus to be developed "organically" after first organizational meeting depending on class interests)



   Jan. 23

                                                Introduction/Overview/Organizational Meeting
                    Electronic Structure of the Parent Compound of Superconducting Infinite-Layer Nickelates

   Jan. 30

                                                              Classical Magnetic Frustration
                                                                        (Order by Disorder)

                                                                         Geometric Frustration

                                                                                 Spin Ice

   Feb. 6

                                                               Quantum Magnetic Frustration
                                                            (Fractionalization and Topological Order)

                                                            Frustrated Quantum Rare-Earth Pyrochlores

                                                        Spin Ice, Fractionalization and Topological Order  
                                                                      Magnetic Monopole Noise
                                                                    A Field Guide to Spin Liquids                                

   Feb. 13

Spin Liquids

         Spin Liquids in Frustrated Magnets

Physics of the Kitaev Model:  Fractionalization, Dynamic Correlations
and Material Connections

Kitaev Materials

Quantum Spin Liquids
(Science, January 2020)

   Feb. 20

Experimental Detection of Majorana Fermions?

Majorana Quantization and Half-Integer Thermal Quantum
Hall Effect in a Kitaev Spin Liquid

The Heat is on for Majorana Fermions

Majorana Returns

Hunting Majorana Fermions in Kitaev Magnets


  Feb. 27

Kitaev's Toric Code and the Kitaev Spin Liquid Model

Topological Phases and Quantum Computation

Topological Quantum Computation - From Basic Concepts
to First Experiments

Quantum Paraelectricity in the Kitaev Quantum-Spin-Liquid Candidates
H3LiIr2O6 and D3LiIr2O6

  March 5

Magnetic Topological Insulators

Intrinsic Magnetic Topological Insulators in van der Waals layered
MnBi2Te4-Family Materials


The Birth of Topological Insulators

The Quantum Spin Hall Effect and Topological Insulators

Magnetic Topological Insulators

Quantum Anomalous Hall Effect in Intrinsic Magnetic Topological
Insulator MnBi2Te4

  March 12

                                                                Classes Cancelled !!
  March 19

                                                                       Spring Break

  March 26 
                                                        Magnetic Topological Insulators cont.

                                                                       Weyl Fermions

                                                      Weyl and Dirac Metals in Three-Dimensional Solids
                                                   Weyl Semimetals, Fermi Arcs and Chiral Anomalies

                                                             Chiral Anomaly without Relativity
                                                Evidence for the Chiral Anomaly in the Dirac Semimetal Na3Bi
                                                                     (Supplementary Material)

  April 2

Machine Learning and Quantum Materials  I

  Machine Learning Phases of Matter

  April 9

Machine Learning and Quantum Materials  II

Neural Networks Identify Topological Phases

Quantum Loop Topography for Machine Learning

Raman Signature of a Quantum Spin Liquid ??

Raman Spectroscopic Diagnostic of Quantum Spin Liquids

Scattering Continuum and Possible Fractionalized Excitations in \alpha-RuCl3

  April 16

The Fractional Quantum Hall Effect

The Quantum Hall Effect

Measurements of the Thermal Edge Conductance
in a Fractional Quantized Hall State

Observation of Half-Integer Thermal Hall Conductance

The Heat is on for Majorana Fermions

  April 23

Unconventional Superconductivity I

Unboxing a New Spin-Triplet Superconductor

Nearly Ferromagnetic Spin-Triplet Superconductivity

A Magnetic Field Boost for Superconductors

Extreme Magnetic Field-Boosted Superconductivity

Chiral Superconductivity in Heavy-Fermion Metal UTe2

  April 24

*********Note Special Time (9:00 - 11:00 am)*********

Unconventional Superconductivity II

Electronic Correlations in Bilayer-Graphene Superlattices

New Correlated Phenomena in Magic-Angle Twisted Bilayer Graphene/s

Unconventional Superconductivity in Magic-Angle Graphene Superlattices

Nematicity and Competing Orders in Superconducting Magic-Angle Graphene

Unconventional Metallicity

Lightly Doped SrTiO3:  A Challenge to Conventional Solid State Theory

Heavy Non-Degenerate Electrons in Doped Strontium Titanate

   April 30

                                         A Medley of Non-Materials Platforms for Exotic Quantum Phases
                                                 Introduction of New Settings for Topological States

                                                                       Topology on Top
                                                        Topological States in Photonic Systems
                                       Topological Quantum Matter with Ultracold Gases in Optical Lattices
                                                    (all from Nature Physics Focus Issue, 2016)
                                                                One-Way Road for Light (N&V)
                                                                      Topological Photonics

                                                   Magnetic Fields Without Magnetic Fields (N&V)
                             Experimental Realization of the Topological Haldane Model with Ultracold Atoms

                                                              Adventures in the Time Domain

                                                            A Topological Charge Pump (N&V)
                           A Thouless Quantum Pump with Ultracold Bosonic Atoms in an Optical Superlatitice

                                                       Photonic Insulators with a Twist (N&V)
                                                       Photonic Floquet Topological Insulators

                                                    Marching to a Different Quantum Beat (N&V)
                                                         Observation of a Discrete Time Crystal

         Special Announcements