1. There will be no classes during the week of January 22-26. The assignment is to go over Lecture 1 and Chapter 13 of the text.

  2. Reminder: The office hour is on Friday 10 am-11 am at room 109 Physics Department.

  3. Go over the list of suggested presentations and select a topic.

  4. Software highly recommended for our class (and way beyond) SymPy and QuTIP.

  5. Hint for the Problem 3 HW1. To find beta equate coefficients of equal power in x.

  6. IMPORTANT: Starting from Home Work 2 - please submit a digital copy (preferably as pdf) of your home works to your grader via email!

  7. Please fill this form for the class at: https://sirs.ctaar.rutgers.edu/blue.