Physics 464/511, Fall 2019


Anirvan Sengupta


The textbook is "Introduction to Mathematical Physics", by Michael T. Vaughn. You can use Arfken et al., "Mathematical Methods for Physicists", for some supplementary material. We are trying to cover the material in the chapters 1-8 in Vaughn's book.


The evaluation will depend upon several homework assignments, a mid-term and a final exam. The exams would be open book/notes and even with internet access. You just have to work by yourself. If you do badly while solving problems in time-bound exams, I would encourage you to come to me during office hours or otherwise, and try to solve problems on the blackboard.


Links for course material, homework assignments and lectures coming soon!
Course Material

Homework Assignments and Solutions

Lecture Notes (updated)


Classes are on Wednesdays, 12.00 noon-1.20 PM, and Fridays, 1.40-3.00 PM in SEC 209. The first class is on Wednesday, Sep. 4.
Office hrs: Tues 2.45-3.45PM, Serin 258.

Mid-term Exam: Tentative Time and Place: Oct 30, 7PM - Nov 1, 1.40 PM, take home

Classes Cancelled: Dec 11.
Make-up Classes: TBA
Exam Prep:
Final Exam: Time and place: Dec 19, 8AM-11AM, SEC 209.

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