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Prof. David Shih
Office: Serin E370
Phone: (848) 445-9072
Office hours: By appointment


This is a continuation of Physics 501, Quantum Mechanics I. The course format will be similar to that of Physics 501.

Textbooks and Syllabus:

See the Syllabus for the material to be covered. We will cover Chapters 17-21 of Shankar, but there will also additional special topics which may include: density matrices and entanglement, EPR paradox, Bell's inequalities, supersymmetric quantum mechanics.

Please note that some of the lectures will be less closely tied to the textbook this semester than was typically the case last semester. You may wish to consult the Book List for suggestions of other books appropriate to the level of this course.

Lectures: Monday and Wednesday, 1:40-3:00pm, ARC 108. Lecture should be as interactive as possible; you are definitely encouraged to ask questions, or express what is confusing you, in the lecture. Also, I strongly recommend that you read the corresponding textbook material before lecture, so that you can come prepared to ask questions about the points that you find unclear.

Homeworks: Since people usually "learn by doing," the homeworks are an extremely important part of the course experience. Homeworks will be assigned at intervals of 1 or 1.5 weeks; they will be graded and returned to you.

Exams: There will be a final exam on May 8, 1:30-4:30pm, in SEC 217 . You will be allowed to use any textbook you like, your own notes, and any official course materials (handouts, problem set solutions). Internet will not be allowed.

Web site: If you are looking at a paper copy of this document, it is actually a printout of the course home page located at Please bookmark this location. It will be used frequently for listing homework assignments and communicating other details about the course.

Communication: My posted office hours are as listed above, but you are free to see me at other times as well. If it's a quick question, just drop in; otherwise it might be advisable to phone or email ahead to make an appointment. Also, feel free to contact me by email about any aspect of the course.

Grades: To arrive at the final grade I will do a numerical calculation first (with weights of approximately 50% for homeworks and 50% for exams). This will then be adjusted, based on factors like class participation, to arrive at a final letter grade.

A histogram of the final exam scores is here.
A histogram of the course grade (50% homework, 50% final) is here.

Students with disabilities: Please read here.

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