Sufficient data has been taken with this feasibility-study cyclotron to warrant progression to a twelve inch magnet. It is reasonable to expect one million volt protons with a magnetic field of 1.2 Tesla, and an fr of 18 MHz. Such a magnet system is currently being obtained.

Had more time been spent on improving the ion source, undoubtedly 1m A of accelerated beam could have been achieved. However, this study will be reserved for the twelve inch magnet. Sources such as capillary discharge tubes will be implemented.

The larger fixed frequency RF source is still available to our lab, however it must undergo a series of modifications to operate in the desired frequency range of 18 MHz. Other options are also being explored, such as the use of a large tunable metal-ceramic sealed vacuum tube power amplifier driven by the ENI350L. The use of a solid state amplifier is precluded once power requirements exceed 500 Watts.

Finally, after the twelve inch system has proved operable, a tangential accessory vacuum port will be added with the intention to extract the proton beam. This final addition will complete the readiness of the twelve inch cyclotron for research use.

X. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Many thanks goes to the generosity, ingenuity, and patience of all the following: K.Carlson, Dr.P.Colstock, Prof.M.Croft, J.Doroshenko, V.Eng, F.Ernst, L.F.Ernst,Jr., L.F.Ernst,Sr., M.M.Ernst, R.Frisch, Prof.M.Gershenson E.Halkiadakis, S.C.Hanebuth, K.Hansen, R.P.Hansen, J.F.Koeth, W.J.Koeth, R.B.Krawchuck, J.Krutzler, Dr.M.Kuchnier, J.Kuhl, Dr.M.Molnar, V.Myrnyj, Dr.R.Pfeffer, Prof.J.Pifer, W.Schneider, L.Wahl.