The vacuum chamber houses the DEE, the dummy DEE, the ion source, the ion collector, and ultimately hosts the acceleration of ions. The chamberís construction is of a stainless steel wall, accessory ports, and flanges. The top and bottom lids of the chamber are of 0.25 inch aluminum. The lids make a vacuum tight seal to the circular stainless steel wall with the use of 451 Viton O-rings. The accessory ports were TIG welded and are terminated in either CF2.75 or CF1.33 metal gasket seal flanges. The vacuum port on the chamber is a standard KF25 Viton 0-ring seal. The chamber has an inside diameter of 11.00 inches and a wall thickness of 0.750 inches. The outside height of the chamber measures 2.00 inches and the inside height measures 1.50 inches. The DEE is 1.00 inch thick allowing for 0.25 inches of clearance between the top and bottom of the lid. The DEE wall is 1/16 inch thick brass. The DEE and chamber are symmetrical about the chamberís median plane. The chamberís median plane is adjusted to be the same as the magnetic fieldís median plane. The DEE is supported by a 0.500 inch copper rod that is mounted to a CF2.75 flange. This whole assembly is then suspended from the chamber by a ceramic brake terminated with CF2.75 flanges at either end. This provides a substantial vacuum tight high voltage feed-though. The copper stem protrudes the vacuum flange by several inches allowing direct connection to the high voltage terminal in the RF matching cabinet, which is mounted just outside of the magnet coils. The Dummy DEE is mounted diametrically in the chamber making excellent electrical contact as it provides the aperture of the second accelerating electrode. The dummy DEE also provides a central mounting surface for the ion source. The chamber was assembled with three view ports, one ion vacuum gauge, one ion collector in the form of a faraday cup at the end of a radial linear positioner. In addition to the faraday collector, a phosphorescent screen also located at the end of a radial positioner. A capacitively coupled RF pickup probe also occupies an accessory port, this pickup resides behind the DEE.

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