Day Schedule Template

I have prepared two versions of an editable Rutgers schedule in postscript. You have to be willing to edit a postscript file to use them, but you don't have to know any postscript.

Both schedules have slots to show your Name, Office, Telephone, Email, Home Address and Home Phone if you wish. They have an easy way to block off a single period on any campus, with a short label for the block. One can also block off arbitrary periods.

Both schedules have fill-in-the-blank (or, more accurately, fill-in-the parentheses) for specifying the current period (eg Fall, 2009), your name, office, telephone extension, home address, home phone, and email, at the beginning of the file. All the really postscripty stuff is isolated from the region you need to edit.

For both schedules, you block off your busy times by giving the day of the week, the class period or time period, a short string in parentheses, and the word busy. Thus mon B1 (504) busy marks off 8:40-10:00 on monday, and labels it 504, my first class. There are Busch periods B, College Ave periods C, and Douglass/Cook periods D, and there are short periods, C5s means 3:05-4:00 PM, for example. Instead of a named period, 4:45-6:00 PM can be indicated as 4 4.5 6 0 (the second of each pair being minutes/10, for historical reasons.) All of these entries occur well separated from postscripty stuff, at the end of the file. Take a look.

In postscript, a % turns the rest of the line into a comment. So some examples are shown commented out.

Here is an example, my schedule from fall 2006.

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