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Backing up Personal PCs to the Public Backup Server for Mac OS 10

On Mac OS 10 you will first need to Samba mount your home directory on the disk to some mount point of your choice. I will refer to it from now on as /external (ex. mkdir /external). You can do so by using mount command as root:

mount_smbfs //

Mac OS 10 can also use Samba mounting. It performs slower than NFS and as you are not interacting with Windows system, you dont need to use it. If for any reason you want to, Samba mount destination is:


where the username is your username.

Free program that we will support is called iBackup and can be downloaded either from our own location: iBackup 4.0.6 or from its website iBackup 4.0.6, where you can find additional support as well.

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