Lookup of Department Data


The program assign allows one to look up the teaching and committee responsibilities of our faculty, by semester.

Basic use is assign shapiro to find out what courses and committee assignment I have in the current semester.
To find out who taught 203 in the spring of 1994, assign -s94 203.
assign simply does a search on a string in a file for the corresponding semester.    assign -h string searches a file of committee abbreviations, so if you want to know who was on the committee to consider honors for the faculty in spring 2000, and didn't know the abbreviation for that committee, you could assign -h honor, which would answer
Faculty HonorsFacHonr
and then assign -s00 fachonr would give you all nine committee members.

Note all searches are case-insensitive.

There is even a man page .

Note the if you just want the current semester's committee assignments, they are on the department home page, by clicking "Department Directory" then "Faculty Committee Assignments".


To get the directory information about one of our staff from a Sun shell, idphys name. The string name can be a substring. Idphys simply searches the database for that string and returns all, so you can find all high energy theorists with idphys het
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