Digitizing Student Answers

The student answer forms need to be converted to an appropriate input for the grading program. These are either the mark-sense-forms or the cover sheets with answer forms printed on them. The forms should be gathered up, all facing the same direction and oriented with up in the same direction. Then the procedures differ.

Using Mark Sense Forms

If you used the commercial mark-sense-forms, you will begin by using the mark-sense-form reader in room 383 and the gread program. Following the instructions in Using GREAD and the detailed instructions linked to there, you will produce a myexam.ms file. Then you will need to fix problems (students often misenter their names and sometimes their IDs), and also add the grading instructions in the keyfile produced by grtex, by running the grfix program. This will produce the myexam.ok file.

Using the Cover Sheet for Answers

If you have prepared your exam to put the answer forms on the cover sheet, as detailed here, you used a answer form such as mc37.ps which came along with a data file mc37.dat. You then use this scanning procedure on the cover sheets, which will produce the myexam.ok file.

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