Other Issues with iClicker

Ron Gilman notes organized by Joel Shapiro

Anyone who knows more about the Grading features and can give a better description of what to do, including handling double lectures, is encouraged to write something up to replace what is here, especially the Grading issues section.

For registration procedures, see Issues on iClicker Registration.

Grading issues

People who give multiple lectures, that is, give the same lecture several times, should have a separate iclicker session for each lecture.

Anyone who is going to run igrader for export into gradebook should click the "PRS Upload" button in gradebook, so they can see the desired output format from igrader.

The grading program from iclicker has several options for giving a grade. Igrader allows you to give grades based on answering anything (credit given for incorrect answers), or answering correctly.

It also allows you to require the students to answer all the questions, or only a fraction of the questions. It is easiest if you set up the parameters for your class and keep them the same for all classes, although igrader does allow you to change them for individual sessions.

I don't know what happens if a student goes to both lectures. They will not get double credit though.

iGrader Software Installation Issues

If you are only an occasional windows user, you might run into one problem with the igrader application. It requires the msstdfmt.dll library, a file that is apparently usually installed in setting up MS Office. If you do not have Office, iclicker technical support can send you the file (although email programs often strip it from emails, identifying it as a virus) and might include the following installation instructions:

To ensure that Windows recognizes the DLL properly, please follow these steps:

  1. Download the attached file to your C:\Windows\system32 folder.
  2. Click Start, type CMD, and press Enter.
  3. Enter the following command and then press enter:
    regsvr32.exe MSSTDFMT.DLL
This will install the needed libary.

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