Scanning Exam Answer Sheets

The answer forms, whether on a commercial mark-sense-form answer sheet or on the cover of the exam, need to be scanned to produce a file suitable for submission to the grading program grad. The procedures are different for the two options.

Using Mark Sense Forms

The Department stockroom stocks two kinds of answer forms, one having only multiple (5) choice questions, up to 200 questions, and the other having up to 15 numerical answer questions and up to 30 multiple (5) choice questions. If you have both numerical answer and multiple choice questions, the numerical ones will be numbered starting with 1, and come first, and the multiple choice questions will come after that, starting with number 16. You must use the correct form. The scanning machine is in room 383 in Serin East. Read these general instructions and these specific ones. The output will be a file on the Sun which you should name in the form

Then you need to run grfix, following these instructions. This should wind up producing the myexam.ok file, which will be input to grad.

Using the Cover Sheet for Answers

If you have prepared your exam to put the answer forms on the cover sheet, as detailed here, you used a answer form such as which came along with a data file mc37.dat. You will need the latter file and the file homestud made when you produced the exams following the instructions in Making Exam Cover Sheets with Answer Forms. You also need to be able to execute the programs scanExam and insertnames, which are available on the Physics servers or for linux computers. You may possibly need flipitcw, flipitccw, or flipit180, which are also on those machines.

The cover sheets need to be brought in a pile, all facing up and aligned, to the copy room 231. They should be divided into piles of roughly 15-20 sheets and the stapled corners chopped off with the Premier cutter, losing less that 1 1/2 inches on either edge. These should be recombined into groups of 40-70 sheets. Each group is then scanned on one of the Ricoh machines with email sent to the instructor. The detailed instructions for scanning depends on the cover sheet design, in particular if the answer form is along the long edge (as in two-column mode) or the short edge of the page. Read the appropriate instructions and then return here.

[Note: We have been having some troubles with version 1, so please report your experience with either of the two short edge versions]

At this point, after returning from the long or short edge instructions, you will have a file for each student listed in the file inputlist .