Grtex Exam Labels

Multiversion grtex exams need to have a three-digit exam code on each exam. For many years now, in many courses, this has been done by pasting printed labels on each exam. Baki Brahmia's gradebook provided the labels, which also had the picture of the student and other information. Pasting these labels on the many hundreds of exams was a time-consuming job.

In 2016 the chairman observed that the big photocopying machines, which produced the exam copies anyway, could be used as printers and print each exam with the labels included. Two efforts to implement this idea have been completed.

One, by Baki Brahmia, uses his gradebook to prepare the exams with the labels. Instructions for using it are (hopefully) on the gradebook. The other, by Pieter Jacques and Joel Shapiro, is independent of (though compatible with) that gradebook. Detailed instructions for using this method are given here.

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