Once the mark sense forms have been collected, the forms, the cover sheets (if you collected them) and a copy of the labels or other list giving student names, IDs, and exam codes, need to be brought to whomever will feed the forms into the computer, in room 383 in Serin East.

Here is the main document to tell you what to do: Document by Prof. Kalelkar.

Use gread for an exam with only multiple-choice answers (on the MC-only form) if there are fewer than 100 questions. gread is usually used in a mode which allows only one of a-e to be filled in, but there is an alternative mode which allows any combination. This is documented here, but grading the output is not supported by Departmental software.

Use greadf for an exam with numerical answers (on the combined MC/numerical-answer form).

The output from gread (or greadf), which should be called something like or, needs to be sent to whomever will do the next step in the grading, which is running grfix. That person will also need a list with the student names, IDs, and exam codes (which could be a copy of the labels).

The format of the *.ms files is documented here.

The forms and cover sheets then need to be delivered to whomever will hold on to them. It may be worthwhile to sort the answer sheets, as a few students often complain that their sheet was misread (which never happens) or a sheet might not get read at all (which does happen).

If there is anything else we should discuss, tell me.

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