Using Gradebooks

The current near consensus in the Department is that the gradebook program by Baki Brahmia is the one to use, though Sakai also has a gradebook. (See below for Sakai) In the past, we used GREK, but that is no longer maintained.

The person in charge of the course needs to get a gradebook to be created for the course. The instructions for initiating the gradebook and for using it, by Mohan Kalelkar and Baki Brahmia, is Physics Online Gradebook.

Here are instructions for a number of things you may need to do with the gradebook:

A fortran program to use the output .sco file from grad to make a .csv file for uploading into Sakai has been written by Jerry Sellwood. It is available on the Suns as sco2csv and as fortran source code here.

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