grad --- Grading the exam

Once you have a file exam1.ok from grfix, or some other method of combining the key file and the mark-sense-form (repaired) output, you are ready to run grad. Grad will prompt you for input:

Mark sense file?* exam1.ok
List file?* exam1.lis
(of course you can use some base name other than exam1, such as 203f07h1)

The list file exam1.lis contains a log of the input specifications, the student performances, an "ITEM ANALYSIS" of the group's performance on each question, and a histogram and statistics of the results.

In addition to the list file, grad asks if you want to produce four other files,

You probably should type RS.
You certainly want R, probably S, M only if you are going to look separately at the separate sections, and you do not want P. You should let the students know their grades by posting them to the gradebook.

You will have to give names for the files you requested:
FileName OF FILE FOR SCORES:  exam1.sco  This is the file for uploading grades
FileName OF FILE FOR SHEETS:  exam1.she  This is the report file to let each student see what (s)he did.

If you have more than 36 questions, answer yes when asked "Are mark sense forms in Wide Format?".

If you want to print the list file, you need to do so in some way that does landscape with 132 character lines. One way is
enscript -fCourier9 -r exam1.lis
Another is the old lnd command, which is now called lprland. Type
lprland exam1.lis .

You should check over your .lis file. See if students would have done significantly better on a different master. Check question performance to look for anomolies.

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