Roster.txt for i-clicker

The iclicker software needs a file Roster.txt with your student registration list.

The shell script getreg will make a file clickregXXX suitable to be renamed Roster.txt, as needed for use with the iClicker system. (But see below for why you should not just rename it.) It gets the information from files sent to us nightly from the central administration.

If you will be taking the roster file to a PC, execute getregpc instead of getreg in the following instructions.

On the Department Suns, go to the directory where you want the output file, and execute
getreg 273
(or other three-digit undergraduate course number), and you should be left with a file clickreg273.

Only those in group crsadmin have the necessary access to the necessary file /home/crsadmin/data/rosterXXX. All faculty have been placed in that group.

As the registrar sometimes deregisters students temporarily for reasons we would not want to support, it is probably better not to replace the Roster.txt file by clickregXXX, but rather to add new entries. The first time, of course, just
mv clickregXXX Roster.txt
But subsequent updates might be better done with
cat clickregXXX Roster.txt | sort | uniq >
mv Roster.txt

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