Uploading Clicker Grades to Brahmia's gradebook

In emails from Baki Brahmia to a user explaining what to do, he said:

Anyone using the igrader to export CSV reports should download the most recent version (http://www.iclicker.com/dl/dl.html).

The gradeBook has been updated to take care of these differences, and to get your uploads done properly do the following:

  1. Place ALL the good collected iClicker data in the "SessionData" Folder, including the double session for courses with multiple lectures.
  2. Synchronize Web Registrations update the iClicker IDs.
  3. Use the "Export Term Summary as CSV" button to generate your "UploadFile.csv" report. You should export the Student ID, Total scores, and individual session scores.
  4. Upload the "UploadFile.csv" file as is. That is, do not edit the file. On the main gradeBook page, there is a "PRS Upload" button. Click on it and follow the instructions.
Any time you need to update the gradeBook, make sure your repeat the same procedure.
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Joel Shapiro
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