Uploading WebAssign Rosters using Baki Brahmia's Program

M. Kalelkar* Sept. 1, 2015

  1. Download your online class roster by starting from https://sims.rutgers.edu/rosters/ and click the REGIS link. On the next page, log in using your NetID and password. Be sure to check the box for Alphabetical Roster, and then Retrieve Roster. When you do the download, select the Comma Separated Values (txt) option.
  2. Use http://cgisvr.physics.rutgers.edu/~abrahmia/webassign.pl to run Baki's program. Click browse and locate your Rutgers roster file. Click Generate CSV WebAssign Roster.
  3. If your class has no more than 250 students, Baki's program will output a text file which you should save to disk for later upload into WebAssign. If your class has more than 250 students, the program will output a compressed zip file which you should save to disk. Then unzip the file, and it will produce both a text file containing all students, as well as subfiles with fewer than 250 students each. (If you are a Windows XP user, just save the zip file to disk, right-click the file name and select "extract all."
  4. Log into WebAssign and click the Roster button. On the Roster page, click the Upload button.
  5. On the next page, click Browse and locate the file produced by Baki's program (or the first of your subfiles, if you have more than 250 students). Click the Upload file button.
  6. Your WebAssign roster will appear. Click the Next button. On the next page click the OK button and you'll see your full-blown roster. If you need to upload another subfile, just click the Upload button and repeat the procedure.
  7. Uploading of multiple subfiles in courses with more than 250 students needs to be done ONLY FOR THE INITIAL roster upload. For subsequent uploads to update the roster, you can use the file that has all students, even if there are more than 250.
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    Joel Shapiro
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