The Department of Physics & Astronomy will present the video "Blast!" this Wednesday, February 24, 2010, at 8:30PM in the Physics Lecture Hall on the Busch Campus in Piscataway. Admission is FREE.

Mark Devlin will be present at the showing of the documentary, produced by his brother, filmmaker Paul Devlin.

"Blast! is a spectacular and suspenseful story of space exploration. Five-time Emmy winner, Paul Devlin, follows his brother, Mark Devlin, PhD to five continents, from the Arctic to the Antarctic to launch a revolutionary new telescope on a NASA high-altitude balloon. They hope to look back in time to reveal a hidden Universe of never-before-seen starburst galaxies. From Catastrophic failure to transcendent triumph, their adventure exposes the surprising real life of scientists."

Movie running time: 74 minutes

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