Astrophysics Seminar and Colloquium Calendar
Fall 2013

The astrophysics seminars are held at 2:00 PM on Thursdays in room 401 with refreshments to follow in room 332W. Departmental colloquia are at 4:45 PM on Wednesdays in the Physics Lecture Hall preceeded by tea and cookies at 4:30PM. Special dates and/or times are noted in bold in the table below.

Date/Time Location Speaker Title (Abstract) Host
Thu, Sep 12
2:00 PM
Serin 401 Edmond Cheung
U.C. Santa Cruz
Galaxy Zoo: Observing Secular Evolution through Bars Sellwood
Thu, Sep 19
2:00 PM
Serin 401 Bhuvnesh Jain
U. Penn
Beyond Dark Energy Jha
Wed, Sep 25
12:00 PM
Wright Lab Auditorium Sally Dodson-Robinson
U. Delaware
Giant Planets in Dusty Disks: How Solids Affect Planet Formation Somerville
Thu, Sep 26 No seminar  
Thu, Oct 3
2:00 PM
Serin 401 Sukanya Chakrabarti
A New Probe of the Distribution of Dark Matter in Spiral Galaxies Gawiser
Thu, Oct 10
2:00 PM
Serin 401 Gergo Popping
Modeling multiphase gas and sub-mm line emission in galaxies Somerville
Thu, Oct 17
2:00 PM
Serin 401 Héctor Arce
From clouds to protostars (and then back to the cloud): studying the early stages of star formation and stellar feedback Brooks
Wed, Oct 23
4:45 PM
Physics Lecture Hall Tommaso Treu
U.C. Santa Barbara
What is the Nature of Dark Energy and Dark Matter? Keeton
Thu, Oct 24 No seminar  
Thu, Oct 31
2:00 PM
Serin 401 Ena Choi
Princeton & Rutgers
Black Hole Growth in Hierarchical Galaxy Formation Pryor
Thu, Nov 7
2:00 PM
Serin 401 Ann Zabludoff
Deficit Spending and the Cluster Baryon Budget Hughes
Wed, Nov 13
4:45 PM
Physics Lecture Hall Maura McLaughlin
West Virginia
A Galactic Scale Gravitational Wave Observatory Baker
Thu, Nov 14
2:00 PM
No seminar
Thu, Nov 21
2:00 PM
Serin 401 Maureen Teyssier
Dynamically Extreme Stellar and Galactic Populations in the Via Lactea II Cosmological Simulation and Their Observable Counterparts Gawiser
Thu, Nov 28 No seminar Thanksgiving
Thu, Dec 5
2:00 PM
Serin 401 Joel Berrier
Spiral Structure as an Indicator of Mass Distribution in Disk Galaxies Matilsky
Mon, Dec 9
12:00 PM
Serin 401 Vy Tran
Texas A&M
Galaxy Clusters in the Distant Universe Baker


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